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About My-Mu

As the great-grandson of James Churchward, best known as the author of the book "The Lost Continent of Mu," I created this website to document my research into his theories and into ancient advanced civilizations.
My curiosity and research into my famous ancestor's theories and ancient civilizations is the result of thousands of questions on the subject from a young age. I hope to answer some of those questions in these webpages and in my printed works (see below.)

The name "My-Mu" signifies that this is my research, which is:

  1. Unencumbered by the effect of my research on sales of my ancestor's works, of which my family and I receive no financial compensation,
  2. Always willing to listen and investigate further avenues of credible information, and,
  3. Based on the desire to prepare and present balanced, credible information.
  4. Not a continuation of my great-grandfather's work

The Mission at is to become the online source of information for the Lost Continent of Mu and ancient advanced civilizations.

I will strive to prepare and present factual information, engage in interactive dialog and discussion, rigorously defend the defendable, and quickly denounce the absurd in the exploration of evidence of ancient advanced civilizations and the lost continent of Mu.

If you have not yet viewed the welcome presentation, please take the opportunity to view it here or the listen to the audio podcast, An Introduction

I welcome any assistance in the research to expand the knowledge base and continue the search for the truth, please send your data or insights to the email address below.

Comments, feedback and questions are always welcome as well.

My Research in Print
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Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men

The Stone Tablets of Mu

Crossing the Sands of Time

Contact Information

Jack E. Churchward
1730 Sherwood Street
Clearwater, Florida 33755


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