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March 2014Examining the 'Mound Builder's Calendar Stone'
Recently I saw one of the 'artifacts' contained in my great-grandfather's book, Sacred Symbols of Mu, shown as proof that...more
May 2013The Search Continues for William Niven's Buried Cities
When William Niven closed up shop of his archaeological discoveries in Mexico City to move back to the United States...more
10-27-2012Review of "Mu Revealed"
"Mu Revealed" is advertised as the 6th in a series on the cover and a list of 'other books in the Mu series' is provided inside...more
03-10-2012Fishing Among the Thousand Islands
James Churchward (1851-1936) is probably best known for his series of books on the Lost Continent of Mu in which he postulates that the Garden of Eden was on a now sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean. This post is not about lost continents or prehistoric civilizations, but ...more
01-28-2012Did Churchward Give Niven A Bad Name in 1926?
While researching for my next book, "Lifting the Veil on Copies of Stone Tablets Found by William Niven," I was reacquainted with the implication that James Churchward was responsible for...more
10-23-2011James Churchward Painting Surfaces... The Silver Hook
James was a fisherman.
In a future blog entry I will produce examples of his articles in 'Forest and Stream' as well as 'American Angler,' but his interest...more
04-25-2011James Churchward and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
I received an email some time ago with pictures from the Hatherleigh Estate in Sri Lanka. This is one of the estates that James and Mary Churchward operated in the 1870s...more
03-13-2011Rediscovery of the Naacal Tablets March 2011 Update
James Churchward wrote that he saw and translated a portion of the Naacal Tablets while on famine relief duty in India and claimed that they were the collected wisdom of the priestly Naacal Brotherhood of Mu...more
02-14-2011Another Mystery Solved - Princess Arawali Uncovered
Well, not any more uncovered than she already appears in the 1926 Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men by James Churchward as shown below...more
08-30-2010PopSci and James Churchward
Popular Science magazine (March 1928) had an article entitled "Swastika May Trace Races to Lost Pacific Continent" that quoted James' theory on the lost Pacific Ocean continent that he called, "Mu"...more
07-05-2010Polat Kaya - One Example Too Many
Polat Kaya was one of the writers that was recommended when I started investigating the Great Uighur Empire and his name was mentioned in Podcast #10 entitled, "August 2008 Update on the Great Uighur Empire"...more
05-01-2010Accusations Addressed
Recently, in response to the video announcement of the Rediscovery of the Naacal Tablets, someone remarked:
There are a number of inconsistencies in James Churchward's story about his transcription and translation of the Nacaal tablets...more
04-21-2010James Churchward's Western India Discovery?
A January 2010 article entitled, "Is This a Wall of Dwarka?", archaeologists have discovered a 14km long wall in the sea on the western coast of India near Ratnagiri, Maharashtra State.
Amazingly, James Churchward, in his 1932 book, "Children of Mu" (page 182) writes the following...more
03-26-2010New Species Discovered - What Would James Churchward Think?
The recent discovery that another human-like species walked the earth would have probably been dismissed by James Churchward, the author of the series of books on the Lost Continent of Mu...more
After doing another search for James' Churchward's book, "Fishing Among the Thousands Islands", I came across what appears to be an early short story by James that was published in "Recreation" magazine in March 1895...more
01-10-2010James Churchward, Tea Planter
From another book scanned by Google, another important piece of information about the life of James Churchward....more
12-28-2009Is Sun a Cool Body?
James Churchward's first book, "Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man" (1926) was dedicated to Dr. G.L Tanzer. The following is an article by Dr. Tanzer that mentions "Col." James Churchward....more
12-19-2009Who Lived in America 50,000 Years Ago?
Sculptured Tablets Recently Discovered in Mexico Present Startling Evidence of Prehistoric Civilization on the American Continent, Founded by Colonizers From the Lost Motherland of Mu, in the Pacific Ocean...more
12-02-2009Synopsis of the Earliest History of Central America and Yucatan
This is another article written by James Churchward. I am pretty sure that subsequent investigations, research, and common sense have shown the following material ...more
11-25-2009The Sun is Not a Superheated Body, He Declares
Editor Argus: The orthodox theory about the sun is an exceedingly hot superheated body of over 15,000 degrees F or C, I do not remember which. That she is sending forth flames of an immense length which shoot through the sun's atmosphere at about 400,000 miles per second; or about twice the velocity of light. That the sun's heat warms all of the solar system, in other words our heat comes from the sun. ...more
11-15-2009The Glozel Discoveries
Recently I came across some information about the Glozel Tablets which seems to intersect with James Churchward's theories, but maybe he didn't agree (more on that later)...more
10-11-2009James Churchward & Wooly Mammoths
The recent news showing the frozen baby woolly mammoth reminded me that my great-grandfather's scrapbooks had articles about woolly mammoths.
In the collection of newspaper clippings that I have labeled as "Scrapbook 2", there are no less than five pages with articles on mammoths...more
04-28-2009Ancient Relics of Mu, Revisited
In this podcast, I want to revisit the topic of the Ancient Relics of Mu from March 2007...more
07-13-2008James Churchward, Engineer
Beginning in 1889, as documented from US Patent Office records, James Churchward started to file for patents on his inventions...more
05-31-2008James Churchward & "The Christ Conspiracy" Part 2
When I originally started on the "James Churchward & 'The Christ Conspiracy'" video podcast, it was my intent to simply state that my great-grandfather, James Churchward, would not have endorsed the theories of Acharya S (also known as Dorothy M. Murdock)...more
01-20-2008A Big Game and Fishing Guide to Northeastern Maine
While I was browsing the internet the other day, I came across 'A Big Game and Fishing Guide to Northeastern Maine', one of two books that I thought I would never see by my great grandfather, James Churchward...more
01-11-2008Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Tahsin Mayatepek & Mu (Part 1)
For a long time I had been aware from speaking with people and emails that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first President of the Republic of Turkey was a sincere believer in the theories of James Churchward and the common origin of man in the now sunken continent of Mu...more
04-15-2007Daughters of James Churchward?
Recently found pictures purport to be the daughters of James Churchward. Do you recognize these pictures? If so and you are related, maybe someone in your family has a box in the attic with unpublished manuscripts by James Churchward...more
03-13-2007Relics of Mu
One of the criticisms of James Churchward's theories about the Lost Continent of Mu is that he provided no physical evidence of the daily lives of the people of Mu...more
12-04-2006The Cascajal Block and the Lost Continent of Mu
In September 2006, Science Magazine published a paper entitled "Oldest Writing In the New World". The item of note in the article and most widely reported was that the block showed what appeared to be a sample of the oldest writing ever found in the Americas...more
11-12-2006Memorial Day Weekend with Uyghur Friends
Over Memorial Day weekend, we were fortunate enough to to meet with some Uyghur friends living in the United States...more
10-29-2006Research Update - October 2006
This past summer has been busy at, although unless you have visited the website, you may not have noticed it...more
05-07-2006An Interview with Dick Lowdermilk
This past Saturday (April 29, 2006,) I spent some time with Dick Lawdermilk of South Carolina. Dick recently purchased the rights and published the updated version of "My Friend Churchey and His Lost Sunken Island of Mu," the biography of James Churchward...more
PodCast Dec. 30th Update
After hours of concerted effort our first, short podcast has been placed online...more

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